Our centre is a place where you and your children are welcome.

We are an early childhood learning centre with a well developed and robust educational curriculum; operating within a nourishing environment full of quality materials designed to extend, equip, enrich and encourage children towards successful life-long learning.
It is important to us to:
  • Help children see learning as a process with distinct components they can practice
  • Pursue investigations in order to discover the wonder of God’s creation
  • Help children use reference materials to support their learning and then help children to represent their ideas with multiple materials
  • Challenge children to go a step further in their pursuits and to delve deeper into intellectual thinking
  • Encourage children to grow in Godly knowledge, understanding and wisdom
  • Tap into, draw on and build upon children’s love for song, music, drama, drawing, movement and the natural world
  • Help children learn ways to effectively communicate through speech, reading, writing, numbers and creative expression
  • Develop celebrations and rituals (rituals are a desire to honour a special accomplishment, life transition or event) that create memories and acknowledge accomplishments
  • In all we do, we acknowledge God as the creator and sustainer of all life. And for that we are appreciative and eternally thankful

Our desire is for you to feel at ease and comfortable. For some, this may be your first experience in having your child spend time away from your home and for others this may be a well established family routine. Whatever the case may be, we want you to know that we are committed to making this learning partnership an enjoyable time for both you and your children. We understand that the relationships and the environments that children experience have a direct impact on their development and learning. Children learn best when they are loved and nurtured within a secure and stimulating environment that encourages discovery, curiosity, exploration, wonder, opportunity, communication and creativity. That is why we have designed our programmes in ways that will help your child grow to their full potential.

Our Children Can:
  • Participate as a member of an interdependent community
  • Care for themselves and others
  • Treat others with love and compassion
  • Co-operate with other children to accomplish group goals
  • Celebrate group and individual accomplishments
  • Laugh and play with a tangible sense of joy
  • Initiate new ideas and invent solutions to problems
  • Stick with difficult tasks or come back to them later in order to succeed
  • Run, hit, catch, throw, kick, tumble, move, sing and dance with exuberance
  • Paint, draw, sculpt and construct objects of beauty
  • Maintain the communities’ spaces in cleanliness and order
  • Greet guests with courtesy, charm and sincerity
  • In all we do, we acknowledge God as the creator and sustainer of all life. And for that we are appreciative and eternally thankful

What our parents say