Greg Steed

“We know our girl is getting a fantastic start on her journey of learning from people who really care about children. There is a good mix of academic learning and life experiences. We have been extraordinary lucky that such a high quality facility is so close to us.”

Melissa Dimes

“I value Reach Forward’s innovative and fun approach to learning. For example the children made their own pizza within the number nuts maths programme – learning about fractions and addition as they counted out the specific quantities of ingredients. I also value the fact that the children are taught respect and good manners, as evident in the interactions of the children and the orderly environment. We feel truly blessed to have our daughter in the care of your centre and its fabulous teachers. I’d especially like to thank Linda for always providing caring and professional advice on how to best deal with parenting challenges. ”

Rachel Jang

“Reach Forward is a very peaceful and joyful Childcare Centre. I always feel like I have a warm welcome when I go there. The teachers’ pay attention to every child and I can see the teachers passion for teaching.”

Wayne Lam

“We really like the quality education that is given – English language learning, numeracy, interesting science discovery learning and the fun music class. My girl has also learnt to share and care for others and I reckon the day-care is one of the best in the North Shore!”

Rachel Humphrey

“I really value the Christian teaching and the standards that the children live up to. I have great peace of mind knowing that my children are with passionate and loving teachers.”

Candice Ruthven

“My boy used to cry every time I dropped him off at his old kindy. Since coming to Reach Forward he gives me a big kiss and runs off to play. I feel so much better knowing he loves it there. I value its small size and the huge range of activities that they do with the children.”

Jo Niblett

“My boys have the most amazing manners since they have been going to Reach Forward. It’s so nice to know I am dropping two very happy boys off each day because they love going.”

Rena Tim

“We have really noticed that our daughters’ communication and reading skills have improved since she started at Reach Forward. The teacher’s knowledge of children and love for them is priceless!”

Elize Gildenhuys

“When my girl started at Reach Forward she had some language / speech difficulties (she only spoke two sentences). She has been there for one year and is almost 4. Over the past year her speech and vocabulary has improved enormously. We now have full conversations with her.”

Zelda Engelbrecht

“I so appreciate the endless amount of love my child receives from all the teachers. I also really appreciate the support offered to us as parents when it comes to things like attachment, potty training, understanding how boys learn and general toddler information. As a first time mum, I am totally confident that my child is receiving the best care (discipline, love, structure, education, development, praise, encouragement, skills and God) Thank you for that.”

Noreen Joseph

“Matthias’ language development – particularly pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence structure has been very good since he started attending Reach Forward. Both his gross and fine motor skills have improved as well. All of the staff are gifted for what they do every day.”


“We love the values and expectations of both the children and staff. We love that all children are expected to use their manners and be respectful. The calmness of staff reflects in the children and even when the centre is really busy it still seems calm.”

Colleen Share

“Christopher starts school on Wednesday. Thanks for the past three years and for making Christopher’s time with you a wonderful memory and thanks for all the skills he has learnt – they have set him up for the rest of his life. Most of all is thanks for the love that was shown to him by your teachers. He leaves your care as a loving, confident, happy and clever little fellow.”

Bonnie Wihongi

“Personally I love Reach Forward Early Learning Centre and I’m glad I chose to send my girls to this daycare as it gives me a feeling one can’t describe…the place is warm, calm, clean and full of learning!”

Lauren Payne

“Such a fabulous place for my little girl to learn and grow. I feel so at ease dropping my girl off; knowing she is surrounded by such love and kindness. Great balance between learning and playtime. And I just love the regular facebook updates. I tag my overseas family in and it makes my day.”

Leah Hide

“The best decision I made with my son’s early learning was to send him to Reach Forward. He can’t wait to go to school and he adores his ‘aunties’. He has what I’d consider a great mix of outdoor fun, learning, play and calm times. I really like that Reach Forward is not chaotic, crowded or understaffed. Your child will be loved and cared for there.”

Shanah Collins

“Love, love, love Reach Forward. I was so worried about not being with my daughter full time anymore and worried that she would lose the principles I had raised her with. Then we found Reach Forward. We couldn’t be happier. It’s my child’s second family. She loves her teachers and school friends!”

What our parents say