Communication is the key to success so please don’t hesitate to talk to your child’s teacher or the manager. Because your child’s teacher may be busy supervising a group of children, which must be the first priority, it may be difficult to have much of a conversation so we encourage you to make an appointment or talk by telephone. We endeavour to make every experience a pleasant one and so if you have questions or would like to discuss something please feel secure in the knowledge that we will listen to you. Our communication is built on mutual respect, interest and concern for the well being of your child.

Encouraging Social and Moral Competence

We have an environment of praise and encouragement for positive behaviour and children know the acceptable limits and boundaries. Clear and consistently expressed guidelines provide children with a sense of security and minimises the occurrence of concerning behaviours. We aim at all times to foster and promote respect; for other children, for adults, for authority, for age, for property and for nature. Respect is a two way process as we show children that they are worthy of respect they learn to respect each other and us in turn.

Our children are encouraged to behave appropriately at all times, recognising that children are children and are growing in self-discipline, self-motivation and are learning the skills and techniques needed to cope with conflict. A realistic expectation of children, according to their age and/or developmental stage is important so that undue frustration is not caused. Inappropriate behaviour is dealt with immediately and with sensitivity. A copy of our full behaviour guidance plan is displayed within the centre and you are given a copy of the policy at the time of enrolment.

Our values help children to identify with aspects of life that will guarantee character development. The centre requests that each child:

  • Has wholesome speech; refraining from swearing, indecent language and “put down” statements
  • Develop character traits such as courtesy, kindness, honesty and responsibility Our culture of clear, positive standards of conduct, good planning within the play environment and close personal interest between the teachers, family and children enables us to develop children to their fullest.

What our parents say