Day to Day

Nappies and Toileting

Our fees include nappies however if your child is toilet training and you would like them to use pull ups, then you will need to supply them. We will work in partnership with you to support your child through the toilet training process.


Each centre has its own meal arrangements. Some centres provide a full day’s menu while other centres may supply just the morning and afternoon tea; allowing you to determine your child’s lunch requirements. Within the parent pack you will find a leaflet explaining the system used for this centre.

Food Allergies

Occasionally, we have children with severe food allergies. Please check with the staff when your child starts, to see if there are any restrictions in place.

Personal Toys

Please refrain from bringing special toys from home as these can be lost or damaged.“Sleeping buddies” can be kept in their bag specifically for sleep-time. Please name these where possible.


After an energetic morning of play, rest time is important. Where possible, we follow home sleeping patterns. Please discuss these routines with your child’s teacher.

What our parents say