Safe and Well


It is vital that we have correct information on file to allow us to contact you if necessary. If your details change at any time, please ensure that you notify us so that your enrolment form can be updated. If there should be a change for a particular day, please note the appropriate contact and phone number on the daily register.


We ask parents to consider carefully before sending an unwell child to attend for the day. Children cannot attend if suffering from a contagious or infectious disease or if displaying the following symptoms; vomiting, diarrhea, severe colds, coughs, conjunctivitis, high temperature or unidentified rashes.

Please see our health and safety policies for more details.


We make every effort to keep our centre safe and secure for children, but sometimes accidents do happen. There is a certified first aid teacher at the centre and we have appropriate first aid equipment on site. We record any minor accidents in our accident register and we share this information with you at the end of the day. Should a more serious accident occur, we will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible. However, if this is not possible, we will act in the best interest of your child in seeking appropriate medical advice or support. For this reason it is essential that you provide us with all appropriate phone numbers where you may be contacted, as well as the names of two other family members or friends who may be called on if you are unavailable.

Medical Records (Immunisation)

To protect the health of all children, we are required to keep a current record of the immunisation status of each child enrolled. Please provide a copy of your immunisation records upon enrolment and notify us when further immunisations have been given.


Medication shall be administered to a child only at the request of a parent, who has given written authorization in the medication register. Please inform the Lead Teacher if your child needs medication, providing written details with regard to administration, storage and dosage.

What our parents say