Feeling Comfortable


When your child first enrols in our centre, it is important that both you and your child feel relaxed and comfortable. Children go through an adjustment period when there is change in their lives. Joining a group of children is a change that can be exciting but also a bit scary. We want to do all we can to make this adjustment easy and pleasant. The amount of time required to settle a child varies. Some children are settled from the first moment, while others may need a little more time. It is not unusual for children to be upset when it is time for their parents to leave. Our staff are well prepared for this and will provide children with the support required for them to relax and enjoy their time. We recommend that you always say goodbye to your child when you are leaving and provide them with the positive reassurance that they will be cared for and that you will come back to pick them up later. Some children may then be happy to be guided into an activity, or otherwise left in the care of a te cher. We suggest that you do not stay too long or linger as your child may expect you to stay or you may increase your child’s anxiety. Remember to keep your departure cheerful and positive, as children will look to you for their cues. During this time of adjustment we welcome parent phone calls throughout the day.

Family Photo

Could you please bring a family photo with your child as he/she begins at our centre. We can display it and have it incorporated into settling play.


When bringing your child into the centre please ensure that your child is bought into the building and left safely in the care of a teacher before you leave. Please make sure that you have signed or swiped your child “in” for the day.


You need to sign or swipe your child “out” at the end of the day. For safety reasons children will only be released to those authorized on the enrolment form. Your child will not be permitted to leave the centre with someone if you have not notified us accordingly. If you have nominated another person to pick up your child, please be aware that they will be required to provide identification before we will release your child. We believe this is an important security safeguard. Should a custody order be in place, please provide a copy to our manager. Please note that unless a legal order is in place, the child may be released into the care of either parent.

What our parents say